Summary of the Ethics in Research Workshop

In the 11th May, 2016, the full day workshop/short course on “Ethics in Research and Publications” for TUMS International students was held by Prof. Mohammad Abdollahi. After introduction of students, the speaker described and taught the following items to the participants:

The international and national organizations in the field of ethics and their activities.

The history and activity of some specific ethics committees in research and publications.

The items that all researchers, authors, editors and publishers must know about ethics.

In particular, how are the cases of research and publication misconducts recognized and handled. Many relevant cases were discussed.

At the end Prof. Abdollahi evaluated two live cases in a comprehensive way. There was a good panel of discussion and many questions were raised. He answered all the questions in a good way and shared his own experiences. 

All participants appreciated the speaker and some photos were taken at the end.