Journal club of the week: systematic review

Speaker: Ms. Tina Didari

Date: 29th of February, 2016

Topic: systematic review

In the today journal meeting on 29th of February, 2016 Ms. Tina Didari introduced the participants to systematic review. She briefly defined systematic review. She talked about qualitative methods and trials used in systematic review. There is a growing interest in the contribution of qualitative methods within medical research, particularly for systematic reviews and trials. We are seeing an expansion of the use and application of a range of techniques with entry into novel research areas and pursuit of new lines of inquiry. We invite researchers working in these innovative and challenging areas to share methodological practice, findings and reflections to drive forward and further our respective fields. An understanding of systematic reviews, and how to implement them in practice, is becoming mandatory for all professionals involved in the delivery of health care. Besides health interventions, systematic reviews may concern clinical tests, public health interventions, social interventions, adverse effects, and economic evaluations. Systematic reviews are not limited to medicine and are quite common in all other sciences, where data are collected, published in the literature, and an assessment of methodological quality for a precisely defined subject would be helpful. She explained that while systematic reviews are regarded as the strongest form of medical evidence, a review of 300 studies found that not all systematic reviews were equally reliable, and that their reporting can be improved by a universally agreed upon set of standards and guidelines. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Abdollahi also explained different guidelines for narrative and systematic reviews. Like PRISMA and York Center reviews and dissemination in University of York. The expert members of York are evaluating all systematic reviews for clinical use. Prof. also explained systematic reviews guidelines suggested by PRISMA. At the end all participants asked their valuable questions and she answered all the questions.