Journal Club of the week:The toxic effects of common chemicals/compounds used in the cosmetics

Journal Club of the week
Topic: The toxic effects of common chemicals/compounds used in the cosmetics
In the today journal meeting Fatima Ismail Hassan the international PhD student brought a hot, interesting topic. She introduced the participants to cosmetics. How it works on the different parts of the body. She gave  brief description about cosmetics toxicity on different systems, mostly skin, cardiovascular, pulmonary, endocrine, reproductive and renal systems. She also gave a touch to the possible side effects occurring due to cosmetic products. The presenter talked about the usage of cosmetic in different countries. She also mentioned to extensive use of parabens, how this compound trigger oxidation stress and alter mitochondrial membrane potential. In the last session speaker gave some possible ways to forward and use alternate herbal products . As parabens, lead, mercury, fragrance, toluene and dioxins are mostly used in cosmetics which are possible human carcinogens. The both genders are equally exposed to these products as male are using shampoo, shaving cream, conditioner and other products. While female using these products such as in nail polish, nail treatment, face cream and etc. As we know that normal level of these chemicals are not harmful for human but excess of everything is bad. At the end all participants asked their valuable questions and gave some suggestions that there should be an organization to regulate their use in each countries and analyze for chemicals used in the cosmetics either its in permissible/standard levels or not. The presenter answered all the questions and will follow the suggestions of participants. In last, Prof. Mohammad Abdollahi also gave some valuable suggestions for improvement or control of cosmetic products.