Journal Club this week: Animal Models as a key in Drug Development and Research

Journal Club 14-12-2015

Speaker Name: Kamal Niaz (PhDc at PSRC)

 Topic: Animal Models as a key in Drug Development and Research

In the today's journal meeting Dr Kamal Niaz from Pakistan presented about animal models in drug development and how they play an important role in basic, experimental, pre-clinical and clinical studies/research. First, he introduced the participants to how animal models play an important role in research. He gave a brief introduction to the animal models, how recent advancement in science slows down the success rate of drug development. Kamal Niaz talked about different factors which should be followed in the setup of an animal models. He also talked about different criteria for the validation of a research animal models. In the last conclusion, it can further be improved by the use of humanized experimental animals, quantitative systems pharmacology, biomarkers or experimental clinical trials. So animal models when carefully selected, designed and conducted are an important part of any drug development strategy. At the end all participants asked their valuable questions, suggestions. The presenter answered all the questions and will follow the suggestions of participants. Professor Abdollahi answered some questions in details.