Journal club of the week:Green Chemistry in Environment Fate and Toxicity


Journal Club 30-11-2015

Speaker Name: Mr Mehdi Mogharabi

Topic: Green Chemistry in Environment Fate  and Toxicity


 In the today journal meeting Mr Mahdi Mogharabi presented about the environmental aspects and chemicals related toxicity aspects. He explained how different fluids are used in Green Chemistry. Green Chemistry was introduced first time 1997 so its history is not so much old. Different types of ionic fluid and supercritical fluids are used nowadays to replace other solvents in lab and industrial pharmaceutical use. Advantages of Green Chemistry are more as compared to other solvents, as these have less toxic effects. Further in future more research is pending to discover about Green Chemistry and different chemicals. Its application can bring effective results in research.  Different participants gave their precious views and told that how Environment has become better due to less toxicity effects of ionic fluids.  At the end Prof Abdollahi, gave his precious comments and suggestions to improve such concepts among researchers.