Journal club of the week: Positive aspects of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research in Toxicology

 Journal Club 23-11-2015

Speaker Name: Mohammad Hossein Asghari 

Topic: Positive aspects of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research in Toxicology


 In the today journal meeting Mohammad Hossein Asghari presented about the terms multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary. He explained how its application can bring effective results in research. He mainly focused that how collaboration of different disciplines of toxicology can bring positive outcomes. Nowadays many disciplines are working together like forensic, mechanistic and neurotoxicology. He further explained different researchers done in collaboration of different fields to treat cancerous diseasesas cancer is main emerging disorder of the current time. Mr Hossein specially focused on such parameters that are needed to promote such ideas. Different participants gave their precious views and told that how international conferences and workshops can bring together different scientists of multiple ideas. At the end Prof Abdollahi, gave his precious comments and suggestions to improve such concepts among researchers.