Journal club of the week: Academic life in Canada from view point of a graduate

 Journal Club 16-11-2015
Speaker Name: Dr Mohsen Amin

In the today journal meeting Dr Mohsen Amin presented about his experiences of Academic  life in Canada. He explained about 80 public and 18 private sector universities of Canada. He mainly focused on student life who want to continue his/her studies after master education. Dr Amin Specially focused on such parameters that are evaluated to select a postgraduate student in different universities of Canada. Mainly he elaborated different types of scholarships and scholarship awarding organizations which provide funding for research projects. He described his financial problems which he faced throughout his academic life of 12 years in Canada. It was also explained in meeting that some students can also take loans for continuing education who cannot win any scholarship in Canada. At the end Prof Abdollahi also added experience of his life in Canada and told some difficulties regarding student life and housing expenses in Canada. But as its positive aspect of new research techniques and novel methods as well as because of better learning environment; a student can learn new things in his/her life. As a whole it was very useful for students who want to go abroad for further studies in future.