Journal club of the week: Ethics in research: Does it need honesty? Issue of Thalidomide.

 In the today journal meeting Ms Shermineh presented about the Ethics in Research with special focus on the issue of Thalidomide and its side effects in pregnancy on offspring. Its significance regarding its effects on different  organs of the human body was also discussed and treatment of sleeping disorder. Although it was very useful in morning sickness in pregnant women, it caused birth of babies without arms and limbs.  She mainly focused on drawbacks in 1954 when preclinical trials done on animals for thalidomide were not performed according to required rules and regulations. 

Main deficits that were mainly found out later on were drawbacks of pre-clinical trials in animal modeling studies regarding thalidomide. So ethics in research are very important from pre-clinal to clinical trials, in order to analyze possible drug adverse reactions and side effects. It is the main need of the hour that ethics should be strictly followed in research methods. This hot topic has attracted concentration of global  organizations and many necessary steps have been followed.  At the end all participants asked their valuable questions and discussed in more detail. ProfMohammed Abdollhai shared his precious views about Thalidomide and problems in history that happened in pre-clinical stages of this drug approval which added to participants knowledge.