Journal club of the week: the xylene and its effects on different organs of human body

In the today journal meeting held on 14 Sep 2015, all participants were freely talking about the xylene and its effects on different  organs of human body. During the start Ms. Tina Didari introduced about previous studies of xylene and its different sources to human exposure. Xylene that is not chronic toxicant can even cause reversible toxicities. Three different forms of xylene have different pharmacokinetic properties as well. Its lipophilic nature makes it highly neurotoxic and much more nervous problems have been reported. Anyhow regarding its chronic toxicities many things are yet to be discovered that require further research and animal modeling studies.  At the end all participants asked their valuable questions and discussed in more detail. Prof Mohammad Abdollahi shared their precious views about xylene as well that added to our knowledge.