Journal Club of the Week: Stem Cells, Introduction, Current Status and Perspective

Journal Club 04-05.2015
Speaker Name: Dr. Babak Arjmand
Address: Metabolism and Endocrinology Research Center
Topic: Stem Cells, Introduction, Current Status and Perspective
The topic for today Journal club was introduction to Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy. During his lecture he introduced the participants to the types of various stem cells and their potential uses in clinical medicine. He also spoke about the achievements in the field and challenges faced by researchers. Furthermore, he also threw light on the issues, which needs to be addressed in order to meet the standard use of stem cell therapy. In the final Questions session, the participants asked a lot of questions and he answered successfully. Safety, adverse events, and toxicity of stem cell therapy and lack of specific rules in Iranian FDA, and essential ethical concerns are discussed in details.